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Why You'll LOVE using the HANDeBand!

Once you try the HANDeBand, you'll never worry about dropping your handheld electronics ever again!

Plus, if you upgrade to a new phone, tablet or eReader, you can easily remove the HANDeBand in seconds.

Here's how the HANDeBand will help you..

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  • Take Photos & Videos With Ease

    Get a grip! With HANDeBand securely attached, you never struggle with trying to keep a steady hand.

  • Doubles As a Kickstand

    With our patent pending single & dual-band designs, your HANDeBand can also be used as a kickstand for your mobile. Stand it upright or on its side.  

  • Pocket Friendly

    Our "Quick detach" feature allows you to easily remove the band from the base for easy pocket placement! Learn More...

  • Text/Email Faster

    That's right! Sending a text or an email just got a whole lot easier.

  • Everything Is Easier!

    Simplify & Enjoy Your Entire Mobile Online Experience with HANDeBand.

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