The HANDeBand Story

After getting his Samsung Galaxy S2, co-founder Mike Schwarz, found himself struggling to operate it with one hand, fumbling and nearly dropping it regularly.  Also, the idea of having to use two hands to get the most out of his new smartphone just didn’t make sense.

He turned to the internet for a solution, but was unable to find a product that provided the capability he was looking for.

Mike decided to create his own prototype out of elastic and velcro. It worked so well, that he quickly never wanted to use his phone without it.

Knowing he was onto something unique, with the help of his wife Kim (RibbedTee co-founder) and an amazing team of creative folks, together they evolved the design to allow for mass production.

The Company

The HANDeBand.com website is brought to you by RibbedTee Designs, innovators of the hugely popular made-in-the-USA RibbedTee Undershirt brand, and the exclusive North American distributors of Deo-Go underarm stain remover.

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