NEW HANDeBand Heightens the Digital Experience

NEW HANDeBand Heightens the Digital Experience by Increasing the Efficiency of Every Day Activities All new portable device grip improves the ease of use of today’s smart phones, tablets and ebook readers Los Angeles, CA – Smartphones, eReaders, and handheld devices are not only revolutionizing the way we live, but have become an integral part […]

We Have A New Logo!

Thanks to the design contest services over at, we have a new logo with two unique design options! In total, 22 designers participated in our logo design contest, and those designers submitted a whopping 140 designs. HANDeBand Logo – Primary Version HANDeBand Logo – Secondary Version A huge and sincere thanks to all the […]

HANDeBand Launch Schedule

Thanks for visiting! We’re excited about our upcoming April 2012 launch, so we thought we’d share some details about our production schedule to keep everyone informed of our progress. Here’s the current schedule (which is subject to change): February: Put final touches on product specs & submit to tooling ✓ (complete!) Complete logo design […]