Q. What is the HANDeBand?

A comfortable, secure, and easy to use detachable handgrip for your Mobile, eBook Reader, Game Console, or other handheld devices.

Q. Why do I need the HANDeBand & what problem does is solve?

Smartphones, eReaders, and handheld devices are getting larger by the second. With stunning Hi-Def displays, the latest mobile technology is a feast for the eyes but can be a pain on your hands.

It’s time to UNLEASH the power of your mobile, eReader, or tablet with the HANDeBand!

Simply attach the HANDeBand base to the back of your mobile device, slip it on, and experience your phone, eReader or tablet like never before.

With the HANDeBand, you’ll be in full control of your portable world, instead of it being in control of you.


  • Easy attach and detach capability. Fully interchangeable with any other size or style HANDeBand
  • Full 360 degree rotation allowing for thousands of positions
  • Wear on right or left hand. Wear upright or sideways. Attaches securely to either one or two fingers
  • Attach to nearly any smartphone, eReader, or handheld device
  • May be attached directly to the back of the phone or a case
  • HANDeBand can also be used as a vertical or horizontal kickstand for your mobile

Is the HANDeBand Detachable?

Yes! The HANDeBand assembly is comprised of two parts:

  1. The HANDeBand grip (single-band & double-band)
  2. The Universal Base Fastener (UBF)
The HANDeBand grip slides in and out of the UBF through an opening on end. When detached, the UBF is a mere 1/8″ high.

Is the HANDeBand removable? Can I move it to another device?

Yes! Please see Removing Your HANDeBand on our Learn More page.

Is it easy to put on and take off the HANDeBand from the back of the phone/device?

Uh-huh. The HANDeBand attaches to your phone/device via our patent pending UBF. To remove, simply decouple the band from the base UBF that is attached to the back of the phone.

To fully remove the HANDeBand from your device, simply remove the UBF using a thin plastic object such as a credit card or plastic utensil.

Will the HANDeBand fit on any phone? What if it has a case?

Pretty much. HANDeBand can be attached to nearly any smartphone, eReader, or handheld device. It can be attached directly to the back of the phone, a case, etc.

Can the HANDeBand be attached to phone protectors/cases?

HANDeBand can be attached to most phone protectors and cases, but can depend on the age and type of material the case is made from. As a standard rule, the HANDeBand can be easily attached to any protectors made from low-porous materials. Examples of this include many OtterBox and Ballistic cases, rigid and soft plastic cases, as well as many harder plastic cases. If your case is made from a very soft (or old) porous rubber that collects oils or debris easily, adhesion is less likely.

Based on the photos, it looks like rigid plastic. Is the HANDeBand going to be comfortable to use?

You want comfort? We got it! The HANDeBand is made out of a soft, forgiving, and resilient santoprene (like the rubber used on your earbuds/headphones) or urethane rubber material.

If I drop my phone, will the HANDeBand get damaged? How durable is it?

While we hope you’ll never drop your phone again after equipping it with a HANDeBand, if you do drop it, under most circumstances, you will not damage or break the HANDeBand — although you might scuff it a little!  All of our “bands” are made from rubber-like compounds. Our gloss items are made from Urethane Rubber, and our Tactical items are made from Thermoplastic Rubber. These types of materials are mostly break-resistant.

In the unlikely event any component of the HANDeBand ever breaks, we’ll replace it free of charge!

Where do I keep the HANDeBand when my phone is in my pocket? Will my phone fit in my pocket with it attached?

Man, that’s a good question. Here’s what we would recommend:

  1. Leave it on and place in your pocket. The HANDeBand is small and made from a forgiving rubber material, so it will collapse far enough to fit in many pockets
  2. Detach/Remove the HANDeBand grip from the base fastener by sliding it through the opening. Then, just put the grip a separate pocket (like you do with your headphones) until you’re ready to use it again

How is the HANDeBand installed?

Please see our Learn More page for details on installation and usage.

I have another question. Who should I ask?

Visit our Contact Us page and drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help you.

HANDeBand is no longer for sale. We do apologize for any inconvenience. Dismiss