HANDeBand Tooling Update 3-29-12

Here are some progress photos from our tooling partner. We’re still on track for late April launch, so tell all your friends that the HANDeBand is coming!

Top Photo: One “female” portion of the actual HANDeBand tool (the bottom silver metal piece). On the far right is the size large dual-band HANDeBand, and going to the left are two different sized single-bands. We’re designing our tooling with three sizes including small, medium, and large.

Bottom Photo: This is the “tensioner” tooling (top silver metal piece). Each patent pending HANDeBand will be equipped with one of these removable clips. Designed to allow you to determine the perfect HANDeBand fit. With the tensioner, a nice tight & secure fit. Without it, easily slip in and out of the HANDeBand.

HANDeBand Tooling

HANDeBand Tensioner Tooling


2 Responses to “HANDeBand Tooling Update 3-29-12”

  1. Randy Ferrara March 30, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    What’s with all the mystery??? Who cares what the tooling looks like! Why don’t you show us a picture of a prototype so we have an idea of what we are waiting for? This is a holder for an e-reader, NOT THE CURE FOR CANCER!!

    • HANDeBand March 30, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      Hello Randy,

      Thanks for your interest in HANDeBand and for your comment asking us for some photos of the product!

      We’re definitely not trying to be mysterious about the product. If you refer to the following page on our website, you’ll find images of what our final product will look like, along with information on how the HANDeBand will attach to your handheld device.

      In addition, here’s a short demo video of one of the original HANDeBand prototypes (very early beta of the product).

      Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Thanks for dropping us a note.

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