Is Your Galaxy Note 2 Too Big To Hold? (In One Hand Comfortably)

If you’re like this customer, you’re probably struggling to keep a good grip on your Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Note 2.

You broke down and purchased a case to protect it in the event you drop it. Not only is the Galaxy Note 2 big to start with, when you ad a protective case, like an Otterbox Commuter case, it gets even more difficult to hold and operate in one hand.

Here’s a question we received from a customer regarding her Otterbox-protected Galaxy Note II :

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II with an Otterbox case…can the HandeBand be used with the Otterbox?

Can HANDeBand attach to the back of Note II with Otterbox? Our Response.


Thank you for contacting HANDeBand Customer Service and for your interest in our product!

Yes, we have tested the HANDeBand with the Galaxy Note 2 Otterbox ‘Commuter’ and ‘Defender’ case series and they work amazingly well!  It is highly recommended to fully clean the back surface of the case with the included alcohol pad prior to attachment.

Positioning the HANDeBand options:

1. Direct center / middle of back of phone – You’ll get great thumb coverage across your screen, however, due to the Galaxy Note 2’s size, the vertical kickstand capability may not fully work due to top-heaviness. (it may tip forward)

2. Middle (left to right), slightly above Center (top / bottom) – Possibly slightly less thumb coverage toward bottom of screen, but the vertical kickstand capability will work as we show on other phones, such as the Galaxy S2

Vertical Kickstand Photo 1 

Vertical Kickstand Photo 2 

Also, we do provide free adhesive replacements, so if you have a little trouble positioning your HANDeBand, or want to move it after a short while of usage, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to send out additional adhesive pads free of charge.

Please do let us know if we can be of Interracial dating app for iPhone any further assistance!

The customer wound up purchasing our HANDeBand 2-Pack, Black Gloss (Urethane) and after a short while, she responded with the following AND sent us some photos of her Galaxy Note 2 with the HANDeBand attached to the back of her Otterbox!

Just received my HANDeBand today, applied it to my Samsung Galaxy Note II (with Otterbox Commuter case) and I love, love, love it!

Thanks for inventing such a cool & functional product!

HANDeBand-equipped Galaxy Note 2 with Otterbox Photos

Galaxy-Note-2-with-HANDeBand-finger-grip-1 Galaxy-Note-2-with-HANDeBand-hand-grip-1 Galaxy-Note-2-with-HANDeBand-hand-grip-on-otterbox-case Galaxy-Note-2-with-HANDeBand-kickstand Galaxy-Note-2-with-removable-HANDeBand-hand-grip-1 Galaxy-Note-2-with-single-band-HANDeBand-hand-grip-on-otterbox-case Galaxy-Note-2-with-single-band-HANDeBand-hand-grip-on-otterbox-case-2

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