HANDeBand Launch Schedule

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We’re excited about our upcoming April 2012 launch, so we thought we’d share some details about our production schedule to keep everyone informed of our progress.

Here’s the current schedule (which is subject to change):


  • Put final touches on product specs & submit to tooling ✓ (complete!)
  • Complete logo design ✓ (complete!)
  • Develop packaging


  • Review and test production samples
  • Finalize packaging
  • Kick off initial production run and kit
  • Send out Press/Media samples
  • Setup eCommerce website
  • Begin discussions with retail partners


  • Launch handeband.com visit site eCommerce website and begin taking orders!

We’re just about 8-9 weeks away from our official launch so keep an eye out for more news soon.

If you’re interested in being notified when the HANDeBand is available for purchase, please click the Sign-Up link above or click here!


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