Learn How To Install, Use, and Get The Most Out of Your New HANDeBand!

HANDeBand SLIDE Demonstration Video

HANDeBand Assembly Parts: Explained

How is the HANDeBand installed?

Quick Detaching the finger ‘Band’ from the Universal Base Fastener

Rotating the Band on your new HANDeBand

How can I tell what size HANDeBand I have?

Is the HANDeBand removable? Can I move it to another device?

HANDeBand SLIDE Demonstration Video

HANDeBand Assembly Parts: Explained

HANDeBand Assembly Parts

Each 2-pack contains a Single-Band assembly and a Dual-Band assembly. Each assembly has a “U” shaped adhesive piece on the bottom of the UBF. Click image to enlarge.

How is the HANDeBand installed?

Preparing your handheld device: Using the included isopropyl alcohol wipe, clean the surface(s) of your device(s) where the HANDeBand will be installed and let dry.
HANDeBand Installation: Step 1

Step 1: Remove the adhesive backing from the back/bottom side of the HANDeBand/Universal Base Fastener(UBF) assembly and adhere it to the back of your handheld device with the UBF opening facing in the 6 o’clock position. Press firmly and hold in place for 30 seconds.

The assembly is best placed just below center (top to bottom) and middle (left to right) on most mobile phones. For best results, wait at least one (1) hour before heavy usage.
HANDeBand Installation: Step 2

Step 2 (Single-Band): As shown above, slip your middle finger into the single-band HANDeBand to a comfortable position above your knuckles.
Step 2 (Dual-Band): Slip your middle and ring fingers into the dual-band HANDeBand to a comfortable position.

HANDeBand Installation: Step 3

Step 3: Lift your handheld device upright and you’re ready to go! The HANDeBand can be rotated a full 360 degrees allowing you to use your handheld in nearly any position you like.

Quick Removing/Detaching the finger ‘Band’ from the Universal Base Fastener

Our bands fully detach from the Universal Base Fastener (UBF, the adhesive base that allows the band to rotate). You will see a small opening on one side of the UBF. Just push the band toward the opening, and you’ll see that it fully detaches. It re-attaches just as easy.

HANDeBand 'Quck Detach': Easily remove the finger band from the base fastener

Animation of how to remove the finger band from the HANDeBand base fastener

Pictured above: Our Universal Base Fastener (UBF) with the finger ‘Band’ detached. Bands can be removed or installed by sliding them toward the opening at the edge of the UBF. See animation above.

This design also allows you to interchange bands on your devices. You could pop off the double-band from your mobile/eReader, and pop on the single-band if you like. Additionally, this allows for color and size interchangeability. Example, your children’s small band will slide in and attach to the UBF on the back of your mobile/eReader!

Rotating the Band on your new HANDeBand

Rotating the Band on HANDeBand base fastener

When inserted into the base fastener, our single and double-bands can
rotate a full 360 degrees!

How Can I Tell What Size HANDeBand I Have?

On each HANDeBand, there is a set of small size-indicator dots.
One dot = Small, Two dots = Medium, and Three dots = Large

Is the HANDeBand removable? Can I move it to another device?

Yes! You can easily remove the HANDeBand from your device at any time and move it to a new or alternate device.

To remove the HANDeBand, we recommend using a thin, flat scratch-resistant object such as a credit card, driver’s license, or spatula. Starting at the bottom of the disc-shaped base fastener (where the opening is), gently push the flat object underneath it, separating it slightly from the back of the device. Continue the process slowly and carefully until the base fastener is fully removed. Any remaining adhesive may be rolled off with your finger, or cleaned with household rubbing alcohol and cotton swab.

If you’re moving your HANDeBand to a new device, we offer free replacement adhesive as well. Just drop us a line with your order number or order email, and we’ll be happy to send you replacement adhesive completely free of charge!

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