Nearly Half of American Adults Now Own Smart Phones

According to new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, as of February 2012, 46 percent of surveyed adults (2,253) say they own smart phones.

Of the participants, 20% say they own Android devices, 19% iPhone, and 6% Blackberry. (Not sure what makes up the other 55%, though)

The largest demographic of smartphone usage is the 18-35 year old group, which ranks in at a hefty 60%.

Putting it into context

Taking a quick look at census data from July of 2011, and taking on this site into account the age demographic breakup of 2010, it means that there are currently nearly 90,300,000 smartphone users in America. Now that’s a lot of Android and iPhone devices.

In other recent news, Samsung confirmed in late February that since it’s launch in April 2011, they have sold nearly 20 million Galaxy S2 devices. In other words, on average, Samsung has been selling around 62,000 S2 devices per day since last year.

New Samsung Galaxy Note with massive 5.3

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